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Mouth Matters; How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can Do About It (Revised 2nd Edition)



Is anxiety-free, drill-free dentistry based on whole body wellness too much to ask for?

Many dental professionals do not think so. They have abandoned their drills and the traditional drill, fill, and bill business as usual . They know cavities and gum disease are the first and most obvious symptoms of a body in trouble. They can help you restore optimal health following the principles in these pages. Here, too, you can learn how to:

Help your child grow the most attractive face possible and avoid future serious breathing problems that threaten health and longevity.
Keep your mental and physical flags flying from the boardroom to the bedroom.
Reverse much of the oral and general health damage wrought by lifesyle.
When prevention fails, find dentists who will fix it right the first time and do it with biologically compatible techniques and materials.

Chapters 1 9. Do you or a loved one suffer a degenerative disease like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, or a respiratory problem? These chapters illustrate how gum disease influences and reflects even silent early stages of these diseases. Stories illustrate how clients altered outcomes by switching tactics.

Beyond the Death Spiral: Modern Dentistry. Have you ever had a tooth crack away from a filling and been told you need a crown or another, larger filling? Is your child slated for sealants or stainless steel crowns? This chapter and appendices tell you some of what you MUST know. It also explains advanced ideas like how drill-free, anesthetic-free dentistry can save significant money and help avoid repetitive dental repair.

The Secret: Beauty, Brains, and Body Balance. Have you ever wondered if you have the silent beginnings of a degenerative disease? You know what I mean the fear generated by the ad suggesting you may be building plaque in your arteries while you are busy building your life. Learn surprising causes and how to screen yourself for a pre-disposition to cavities or degenerative diseases and some solutions.

The Nightly Grind. Clenching and grinding teeth can cause severe, yet unobservable tooth damage. How you choose to address it (or ignore it) can radically alter general health.

Risk Is Not Destiny: Simple Solutions. Have you been told you need fluoride to prevent cavities or to help rebuild or strengthen your teeth? Among many other prevention ideas, this chapter explores multiple fluoride-free methods to rebuild teeth in early phases of breakdown.

Immune System Support. Do you feel you should maximize your immune system? Do you know what challenges it and how to strengthen it? Several chapters explore simple lifestyle changes that can build your immune system and help reverse damage.
Explore fluoride and mercury toxicity.
Learn how to work best with your health care providers for the excellent health you deserve.

Kidney Transplants.
Oral considerations after kidneys fail.
Fluoride alert for diabetics and others with compromised kidneys.
Oral consequences of suppressing the immune response.

Oral Cancer.
Exposure to heat and chemicals accelerate cellular changes that cause oral cells to mutate.
Gum disease and oral sex add risk.
Screenings tools your dental professional can use that improve early diagnosis, thus outcomes.
Cancer reduction strategies.

Mouth Matters is for general audiences and medical professionals.

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