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Less is MORE: Avoiding Future Aggressive Dentistry!

Perhaps only 8% of dentistry is based on solid research. Example: The National Institutes of Health suggest dentists must make significant advances in adopting advanced early, correct, repeatable decay diagnosis techniques. Saving teeth – thus your health – for a lifetime depends on it, especially when considering accepting “preventive” sealants. Seek dentists who implement what you learn here.

  • Did you know most “white fillings” begin leaking at the margins before you even leave the dental office, but the failures only show up as cold sensitivity for the first six weeks after placement if you’re lucky or when the filling fails completely? The average lifespan of a non-biomimetic white filling is about six years.

Almost always it’s not your fault fillings fail though you pay a high price for that failure both in oral and general health and dollars.  You can seek Biomimetic or Bio-emulation dentistry so you can keep teeth that have advanced decay caught in late stages (again, the best standard x-rays and dental “picks” can do), have broken or those teeth drills have already destroyed.

See what white filling failures, almost ubiquitous in dentistry, look like and why you want to seek out biomimetic or bio-emulation dentistry!

My website disappeared during the Covid pandemic (no thanks to Hostgator), so is now abandoned. is my now simplified, legacy site where I offer everything. I will try to addend captions where changes make some information in the videos, created from 2014 – 2019, defunct.


Less Drilling Feels Great! The revolution is here: explanation of novel dentistry that minimizes the drill and need for shots, saves teeth, enhances health, and seriously contains dental costs. What more could anyone want? [But you have to know to ask for it: Minimally Invasive Preventive Dentistry, Biomimetic Dentistry, Ozone Therapy] A more complete video showing why you want to ask for more from your dentist!

Note: At around minute 10, I discuss advanced decay detection techniques. Created years, ago, newer tools are now available. CariVue and now the iTero are excellent radiation-free scanners that may be up to 66% more sensitive than x-rays on determining cavities in between teeth for instance. They use near-infrared light reflection (NILR). (See article: Reflected near-infrared light versus bite-wing radiography for the detection of proximal caries: A multicenter prospective clinical study conducted in private practices. 


The ART of Air Abrasion

Mini-course for dentists about air abrasion:

  1. Many types of cases for dentists to study along with descriptions.
  2. Time and financial summary for the day showing how beneficial it can be for both dentists and their patients, especially when you consider how easy it is on the patients and staff for a WIN-WIN! Starts at about 1.5 hours.
  3. One integrated air abrasion unit available and tricks using it at 1:54:00. Vital lessons about air abrasion use.

Rethinking dental insurance and why it may be extremely detrimental to your health!

The framework of insurance economically rewards dentists with a high complication rate, these being crowns, root canals and other last ditch attempts to save teeth. Learn why the insurance system undermines dental and general health here.

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