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Welcome to The Changing Face of Dentistry!

 If you don’t KNOW you have dental health choices, then you don’t have them! Offering quintessential road maps for people who want to better understand the connection between oral and overall health.


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    Welcome to The Changing Face of Dentistry!

    Where we’re not just about another pretty face!

    Since most people enter this site for the Facial Meltdown blog, I am linking it my home page. Enjoy! But know there are other revolutionary dental techniques that can enhance your financial and general health similarly!

    As many have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, there are countless lifestyle tweaks they can and should be doing to increase viral (and other microbial) resistance. After all, we all respond differently to various environmental challenges. Primal Dentistry, Mouth Matters and my video series Functional Medicine from a Dental Perspective can guide you through critical immune-system boosting and healing pathways you never dreamed existed – and help shine a light on why some people have certain challenges while others don’t, given the same exposures.

    Quick tip on airborne infections: As the recent pandemic emphasized, it shouldn’t surprise you that your oral and nasal pathways deserve extra awareness!  If you delve no further, make sure you breathe nasally and fully expand your lungs using your diaphragm instead of chest muscles as you do so. You’ll learn why as you dig into what I offer!

    Oral and General Health are Integrated!

    Immune system boosting almost always includes oral considerations. Because you can’t have optimal oral health without optimal general health, I explore both. Let’s look at a couple of things you may want to consider. Traditional dentistry opened a Pandora’s box of downstream health consequences.

    • Did you know the age-old decay diagnostic techniques I learned in dental school – and that most dentists still solely rely on – catch cavities so late that prevention or the minimally invasive techniques are no longer possible? This accounts for the aggressive drill-and-fill dentistry they teach.
    • Did you know for the most part dentists can eliminate dreaded drills by using air abrasion and enhanced diagnostics? Drills were never FDA-approved. We’ve known since the 1950’s that they microfracture teeth and also require an aggressive design that eventually fractures them apart in a big way? Learn more here.

    • Crowded teeth are the last symptom of an airway in trouble. Traditional orthodontics can be disastrous for airways, often leading to sleep apnea and the biggest health threat many people face. Learn more here.
    • You may want the latest solutions for treating gum- and tooth-related problems, which are linked to your general health. Health is a delicate web and the mouth holds more answers than most realize.  Learn more here.
    • You may also want the information that can help you weigh the risks and benefits of traditional dentistry: drills, root canals, cavitations (osteonecrosis) from improperly extracted teeth, fluoride “prevention”, mercury-laced repairs, or implants all of which put their own special stresses on overall health. Watch a variety of videos on these and other subjects here.

    “If Facial Meltdown is all you read, you’ll miss other airway keys, such as if you’re trying to accomplish heavy metal detoxing and overlook the critical fact that when your airway partially or fully collapses at night during obstructive sleep apnea, the “fight or flight” part of your nervous system is dominant and all body repair and regeneration is on hold. No healing via cell regeneration, no resting, no hormone production, no detoxing. And serious oxygen deprivation to organs including brain cells that results in brain fog. Just looking at mercury, how awful to shake it loose from within cells to prepare it for elimination only to have it stored elsewhere because the body is too busy running from tigers all night! Learn more here. You may also miss my airway solutions webpage about Myofunctional Therapy and Functional Medicine from a Dental Perspective!

    Content on this website, in Primal Dentistry: Less is More and Mouth Matters is not considered medical or dental advice. Please see a physician before making any medical or lifestyle changes and a dentist if you need help with oral conditions.

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